Another Knole Park

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 Slip Circle Left/Right
A2 (Second Corners (Ladies) Cross Over, First Corners (Men) Cross Over) x2
B1 #1s Lead Down, Turn Alone
#1s Dance Up and Cast into Second Place - #2s Move Up
B2 Full Poussette AC (Men Pull)

Knole Park or any 32 bar tune. I use Spanish Jigg.

Michael Barraclough says that the Knole Park most people dance today is in reality a mashup of the dance 'Noel Park', c1809 (with additions not in the original) and the tune 'Knowles Park', 1788. Whatever its origins, it has some challenges for beginners. This is my version which is much easier.

An alternate B1 is: #1s Lead Down (4), #1s Set to each other (4) - this makes it much easier for beginners to achieve the Cast on time.

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