Balancing Act

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket

A1 Ladies' Chain
Balance the Ring; Pass the Ocean
A2 Balance the Wave (F/B); Allemande Right 1/2
Balance the Wave (F/B); Allemande Right 1/2
B1 Balance the Wave (F/B); Extend
Balance the Wave (F/B); Swing Through
B2 Partner Balance & Swing

32 bar jigs are best to make the balances more energetic.

Pass the Ocean: Pass Through to an Ocean Wave: Everyone starts to Pass Through by the Right Shoulder with the person opposite (in this case their partner), the two ladies catch left hands and turn a quarter AC while the two men go all the way across and turn a quarter CW taking right hands with their neighbour to form an Ocean Wave across the room with the ladies in the middle.

Swing Through: Allemande Right Half; those who can Allemande Left Half

Extend: Walk forwards to the same position in the next Wave. Spinning all the way around as you Extend is a fun embellishment. When you are out at the end, line up behind someone of the same gender, ready for your new neighbours to Extend to you and form a Wave.

Balancing Forward & Back sets you up with good momentum for the Extend. The other balances could be Right & Left, but I have made them all Forward & Back for consistency.

I like the dance Pins & Needles, but it has a few challenges for beginners, so I wrote this with some of the best bits of Pins & Needles.
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