Bombast One

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 Bombast:
Men go straight across the Set to the Ladiesí places and Turn Single Right WHILE
Ladies Gypsy Right 1/2 to Menís Places and Turn Single Right
Ladies go straight across the Set to the Menís places and Turn Single Right WHILE
Men Gypsy Right 1/2 to Ladiesí Places; and Turn Single Right
A2 Repeat to Home
B1 Set to Partner, Spin Past (Turn Single Changing Places) - End facing out
Lines Lead Away; Fall Back - Turn Right to Face In at the last moment
B2 Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross Over; Balance the Ring; Men Cross Over

Any suitable 32 bar tune. I like Wallace's Cross and Ring of Kohala at about 114 bpm.

Notes: The Bombast is a Headcorn Morris figure. Start by getting everyone to Single File Circle Right One Place (four steps) four times. Then get them to Single File Circle Right One Place and Turn Single Right (eight steps) four times. The Turn Single should be around a small dustbin lid rather than on the spot. Then try the Bombast, where whoever is in First Corner Position has to take the long route to their destination, passing their Corner by the Right Shoulder, like part of a tight Gypsy, following the path of a rainbow. The Turn Singles are only about three-quarters of a turn. It should flow smoothly throughout.

The Spin Past starts as a Right Shoulder Gypsy, but as you approach the other side of the set you keep turning to the right on the spot until you are facing away from your partner. You can see it in Sharon Green's Doctor Bending's Serpent. It is best done with lots of space so that you can use your momentum to go straight into the Lead Away and go as far as you can; taking hands in the lines is not required.

As the men Cross Over the ladies should be locking eyeballs with the next lady ready for the start of the next Bombast.

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