Circular Mirrors

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper; Waltz

A1 Neighbour Mirror Dosido - #1s Down the Middle
Neighbour Mirror Two Hand Turn - #1s Down the Middle -
Finish in a Line of Four Facing Down the Hall - #1s in Middle
A2 Down the Hall in Lines of Four, Turn Alone
Up the Hall in Lines of Four, Bend the Line
B1 Chevrons: Balance the Ring Moving One Place to the Left x2 - let go and Fall Back after the second one
Set Forwards Diagonally to the Centre; Turn Single back to place
B2 Balance the Ring; Men Cross Over
Balance the Ring; Ladies Pass Through, keeping hold of your Partner's hand to face New Neighbours

Music: I use Month of November; any good 32-bar waltz will do.

Notes: The Neighbour Mirror Two-Hand Turn needs to be emphasised as half the dancers need to turn anti-clockwise and they are conditioned to turn clockwise. I start the teaching by getting everyone to do a Two-Hand Turn then a Reverse Two-Hand Turn so that they get the feel of it. Then I emphasise that when you are on THAT side of the hall your Dosido and Turn are the opposite of the normal direction.

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