David's Jig

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Circle Mixer

A1 Circle Left; Into the Middle & Back
A2 Foot It (8); Partner Dosido
B1 Partner Arm Right; Neighbour Arm Left; Partner Swing - finish with Men with backs to the Middle - Ladies Facing In
B2 Fall Back & Clap; Come Forward on the Left Diagonal to New Partner; New Partner Two Hand Turn into a Circle

Natalie MacMaster's David's Jig or any suitable 32-bar tune.

I usually recommend a Forearm Hold for the Arming (right forearms together with fingers (and thumb!) hooked around the other person's elbow) to give good connection for the turns.

The Two-Hand Turn is only three-quarters so plenty of time to skip around once and three-quarters, or, indeed, have any other type of Swing.

The Foot It is a chance to show off your fancy footwork. I tell them they can Rant or Back-Step or just do Heel, Toe, 1, 2, 3 twice, emphasing that each section starts with the same foot doing three movements:
Right Heel, Right Toe, Step Right, Left, Right - repeat starting Left.

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