Demon's Maggot

Source: Composed by John Sweeney, based on Devil's Maggot by Diane Schmit.
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 Up a Double & Back x 2
A2 Partner Two Hand Turn
Neighbour Two Hand Turn
B1 Ladies Cross; Men Cross
Ladies Cross; Men Cross
The designated people change places by the right shoulder. "Hole in the Wall" styling is recommended, where they do half a gypsy then fall back into their new position.
B2 Circle Left Halfway; Partner Two Hand Turn Halfway
Partner Set & Turn Single
Second time A1: Partner Siding (R & L); A2: Neighbour Siding (R & L)
Third time A1: Partner Arming (R & L); A2: Neighbour Arming (R & L)
Fourth, fifth, etc. time Cycle through Up a Double, Arming, Siding as you progress through the dance.

Any 32 bar tune. I use bouncy marches at about 106bpm.

I loved the idea of cycling through the moves in Diane Schmit's "Devil's Maggot". But, though I was told that that dance was suitable for beginners, my dancers (some of who are quite slow for various reasons) had trouble with "Partner Two Hand Turn 1 & 1/2, Circle Left". There were always some dancers in the wrong place at the end of that! So I wrote this easier version, with more neighbour interaction as well. It originally had Down a Double in the first A2, but I changed it to two-hand turns to help establish who your next new neighbours are.

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