Diver's Delight

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Sicilian Circle

A1 The #1s are facing AC; remember which way you are facing for the next time through:
#1s Arch - Dip & Dive past four Couples
A2 With the 5th Couple: Neighbour Dosido; Partner Two Hand Turn - get ready to…
B1 All Gallop AC; All Gallop C
B2 Inside Basket: Cross Hands and take the nearest hands
Remember to face the right way for the next Arch…

Any suitable 32 bar tune that makes you want to Gallop!

I got Jingle Bells from Linda Mrosko on one of the forums, but wanted an A2 that prepared everyone for the Gallop, so that they could Gallop together. I also work with a lot of groups that aren't very good at Baskets, but they can enjoy the Inside Basket more easily, just put your right foot in and do a buzz step as you would in a Swing.

The Dip & Dive alternates: #1s Arch, #2s Arch… - keep moving forwards.

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