Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket

A1 Circle Right Half Way; Balance the Ring
A2 Circle Left Half Way; Balance the Ring
B1 Partner Balance & Swing
B2 On the Left Diagonal: Half Hey - Ladies lead by Right Shoulder
Half Promenade Across and flow into...

32 bars of jigs or reels.

The DosiAll is a Dosido for all four people simultaneously.

Teaching: First you get the two men to Dosido. Then you get the two ladies to Dosido. Then you get all four to do a four-person Gypsy. Then you say "OK, now I want you all to do the Dosido simultaneously. You are going to follow the track you walked in the Gypsy, but you are doing a Dosido. Go slightly to your left as you start forwards so that you don't crash." Once they get the basic idea you can get them spinning counterclockwise in the Dosidos - it is even better if all four spin. Warn them to check the speed of the person in front and adjust so they don't catch up.

The Balance the Ring is to synchronise the start of the DosiAll. It means all four people start forwards at the same time.
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