Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Sicilian circle - #1s Facing AC

A1 Neighbour Dosido
Take two hands with Neighbour: Gallop Away (4) & Back (4)
A2 As a Couple: Dosido Neighbours 1.5 times to progress
B1 Mow the Wheat: #1s Arch: #2s Dive through #1s; #2s Arch Backwards over #1s
Reverse: #2s Arch: #1s Dive through #2s; #1s Arch Backwards over #2s
B2 Swing & Change 1.5 times to progress again
OR Promenade in a Line of Four - Men's Left Shoulders nearly touching - turn it 1.5 times to progress again

32 bars. I use Climax Ceilidh Band's New Green Dress; Molly's Polka.

For the Dosido as a Couple you can just hold one hand, or take a Promenade Hold, or put your arms around each other's waists.

B2 was intended as a Swing & Change, i.e. Polka or Open Swing 1.5 times AC around the other couple. For beginners who don't know how to Polka I just get them to promenade AC in a line of four.

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