Fivepenny Piece

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Five Couple Square - One Couple in the Middle Facing Up

A1 Middles Push Away for a Grimstock Hey with the Heads
A2 Middles Separate and with the Sides: Handy Hand Stars; Circle Back in Threes - Middles finish facing Up
B1/B2 Middle Couple and the Couple they are facing: Balance R/L;
Middles Arch: Outsides Duck In and turn to face the couple on the Right WHILE Middles Arch Over and California Twirl to their new Home
Repeat three more times

32 bar jigs or any suitable tune at about 116 bpm.

I like Fivepenny Bit but the transition from A1 to A2 confuses some people so I wrote a different A1/A2.

For the Handy Hand Stars the active dancers just stick out their free hand to the side as they come up the middle at the end of the Grimstock Hey. That hand determines which way their Star goes; the Sides need to be awake and ready to join in with the correct hand!

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