FlutterRing - Country Dance

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket

A1 Yearn Left
Ladies' Chain
A2 Flutterwheel
Men Dosido
B1 Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross
Balance the Ring; Men Cross
B2 Circle Left
Circle Right - Fall Back ready to Yearn Left…

Any 32 bar jigs or reels.

Yearn: Holding your partner's nearest hand, go forward diagonally and high five the next couple with your free hands, turn to face them and back off so that they are your new neighbours.

Flutterwheel: The ladies start as they would for a Ladies' Chain, only taking right forearms rather than hands (fingertips hooked just above the other lady's elbow), when they get to the other side they pick up the other man with the lady's left hand to the man's right hand and keep turning by the right arm to bring the man back to the lady's side. The ladies finish where they started; the men have changed sides. The men can help by setting off early so that they are beside the lady during the turn, rather than being dragged along behind. They should flow smoothly into the men's Dosido.

I wanted an easy dance with a Flutterwheel and this is the result,

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