Four Jolly Sheepskins

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Proper

A1 Slip Circle Left
Slip Circle Right
A2-4 Men: #1 Man leads a single file promenade around the back of #1 Lady and between #1 & #2 Ladies to start a Sheepskin Hey around the Ladies, each last Man doubling back round the middle Lady and so becoming the leader in turn. When #1 Man is back in the lead he continues leading a single file promenade around the back of the Ladies to home.
2nd Time Up a Double & Back x 2 & Ladies do the Hey
3rd Time Siding & Men do the Hey
4th Time Arming & Ladies do the Hey
Men Turn Single at the end

32 bars. Choose whatever fits the style and tempo that you want. I use "Radstock Jig" by The Home Service (edit out the first 36 seconds). Four x 32 at 103bpm allows for stepping and also allows my older/slower dancers time to get through the heys.

The Sheepskin Hey comes from Playford's "Picking Up Sticks", but I wanted a dance where the dancers get to dance the Sheepskin Hey multiple times without having to worry about the other figures.

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