Four Light Winds

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 #1s Cross & Cast Down One Place; #1s Cross & Cast Down One Place to the Bottom
#1s Lead Up to the Top - all face Up
A2 #1s Lead a Wide Single Cast to the Bottom & Back Up to Home - flow into…
B1 "Four Winds": #1s & #3s dance a Double Figure Eight through the #2s - start with #1s Cast Down & #3s Cross Up
at the end of that all face up and flow into…
B2 #1s Wide Cast to the Bottom (8) WHILE
#2s & #3s Lead Up (4); Mirror Turn Single Out
All: Partner Swing/Two Hand Turn - finish facing Up

32 bar jigs.

Best done with a Double Step (1-2-3-hop) throughout.

I liked the Four Winds move from Pat Shaw's Four Winds, but that dance is long and complex; I realised that I had very little chance of using it successfully with any of the groups I work with regularly. So I wrote this simple dance to use the Four Winds move.

The first part of B2 was originally: #2s Face Down - take two hands with #3s, draw them up to progressed places, Turn Single out. I still like that version, but find it easier to use the version above with most groups.

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