Galway Swing

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Men Galway Swing
(slow) Partner Gypsy to an Ocean Wave (Men in the middle with Left hands)
A2 Balance the Wave (R.L); Rory O’More
Ladies Galway Swing
B1 Neighbour Gypsy Meltdown (Gypsy & Swing)
B2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back
Half Hey (Ladies start Right Shoulder) - Men look for a new Man after passing Right Shoulders with the old Man

32 bar jigs (or reels).

The Galway Swing: I learnt this from my mother when I was a teenager. She was from Galway, so I have always called it a Galway Swing, but it occurs throughout the Celtic nations. Take an Allemande Right grip with palms crossed, elbows down; make a hook with your left hand (thumb with fingers so that you can't grip) and hook it just above your partner's left elbow; do a buzz-step and give it some welly (without leaning back!). When done well you can leave the ground and get some really good rotation going!

See video #6 at SwingWorkshop.html.

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