Girls of Oakhill

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Neighbour Dosido
Neighbour Two Hand Turn 1 & 1/4 - end in a line of four with the middle couple back to back ready to Gallop
Or Turn 3/4 or 1 & 3/4; it doesn't matter who is on which side, just that you are ready for the Gallop - keep hold of two hands
A2 With Neighbour: Gallop Down (8) & Back (8)
B1 Neighbour Balance & Swing
B2 Ladies' Chain x2

32 bars of bouncy jigs or reels.

I like the Gallop in Boys of Oakhill, but it comes straight after a Right & Left Through with your previous neighbours; it always seems to be a mad rush to get into position to Gallop. This version makes it much more easy to be ready for the Gallop.

I encourage dancers to do a bouncy Balance, so Step Right, Kick Left, Step Left, Kick Right, twice.

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