Grapevine Jig II

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket

A1 Hold hands in Long Lines
[Grapevine Right (step to right on right foot; step left foot behind; step to the right with right foot; kick left with left foot)
Grapevine Left (step to left on left foot; step right foot behind; step to the left with left foot; kick right with right foot)] x2
A2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back - with a bow
Ladiesí Chain
B1 Circle Left; Hands Across Star Right - Men Drop Out (on their own side) - the Ladies keep turning by the right hand until they can...
B2 Ladiesí Chain to Partner
Yearn on the Left Diagonal

32 bar jigs.

The A part is taken from Don Armstrong's "Grapevine Jig". I also danced Mick Peat's version. This takes ideas from both, but makes the B part easier for groups that are not going to handle a diagonal Right & Left Through!

Yearn: Take your partner's nearest hand, go forward diagonally to meet a new couple; high five them with your spare hands as you turn so that you are facing them; back away to finish facing them as your new neighbours.

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