Gypsy A Trois

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples in a Circle

A1 Circle Left Four Steps; Balance the Ring
Men DosiAll
A2 Circle Left Four Steps; Balance the Ring
Ladies DosiAll
B1 Partner Allemande Left and flow into
All three Ladies Right Shoulder Gypsy WHILE Men Single File Promenade AC outside the set
B2 Pass your Partner, when you meet your Partner for the second time: Partner Allemande Left about 1/2
Corner Swing - this is your new Partner

I use reels at about 112bpm, but any 32 bar tune will work.

DosiAll: All three people do a Dosido with each other at the same time. Start by doing a right shoulder Gypsy for three; make the path slightly triangular - move out to your left, then across, then home. That is the path you follow. Now try it as a Dosido. Go forwards slightly to the left, go sideways, go backwards. You must start at the same time or you will crash. That is what the Balance the Ring is for. You launch yourself into the DosiAll together, using the tension from the balance-back to get you going at the same time.

It actually works really well if you do spinning Dosidos. As you start forwards spin to your left.

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