Hey Down

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 #1 Man Hey for Three across the Set with #2s - pass Man #2 by the Right Shoulder to start
A2 Men Dosido; Ladies Seesaw (Left Shoulder Dosido)*
B1 #1 Lady Hey for Three across the Set with #2s - pass Lady #2 by the Left Shoulder to start
B2 Whole Poussette CW (Men Pull) 1 & 1/2 to Progress

Any suitable 32 bar tunes.

This dance was inspired by Alan Winston's Heyloft.

The Men's Dosido should flow out of the first Hey. The Whole Poussette is one and a half times around, as defined by Thomas Wilson around 1815, to provide the progression, and leaves the men heading towards each other to start the next Hey.

* It has been pointed out that if the ladies do a left-shoulder Dosido then the flow into their Hey is slightly improved. Your choice!

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