Hey! That's My Slice

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 All Single Cast, #1s Leading - #2s & #3s go wide to form a line across the line of the #2s position
#1s Lead a Progressive Hey with hands across the line of the #2s
A2 When #1s get back to their own side they Cast to the Bottom and make a single-handed Arch, Facing Up
B1 #2s & #3s Cast to the Bottom and Lead Up through the Arch to Progressed Places (now 2, 3, 1)
Set (R/L) to your Partner; Hold Hands In Lines: Set (R/L) Falling Back
B2 Slice & Roll: Lines Slice Left (Top Lady & Bottom Man passing Right Shoulders); Turn Single Right, individually, around a dustbin lid to finish facing your Partner - Hold Hands in Lines
Repeat - do the Turn Single to Face Up

32 bars. I usually use about 108 bpm.

The Hey and Cast to the Bottom flow together across A2 and B1.

In the Slice the lines should stay parallel to the sides of the room, so the leaders need to go forward on a long diagonal; they can't cross the centre line of the set until the trailers have passed each other. In the Roll the dancers should let go, but still try to keep the lines straight as they dance around a small circle to face their partners. I saw both the Progressive Hey across the Middle and the Slice and Roll being done by Morris Dancers (two different sides) and thought they would go well in a country dance.

The name? I had just been playing "Hey, That's My Fish!" with my grandson!
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