Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Circle Mixer - Couples facing AC around the circle holding inside hands

A1 Promenade Forward (4); California Twirl (4)
Promenade Forward (4); California Twirl (4)
A2 Slip away from Partner (Men to Left, Ladies to Right) (4)
Set (turning to face Partner) - Men to Right, Ladies to Left (4)
Partner Dosido
B1 Right Hand to Partner: Balance & Box the Gnat
Left Hand on Left Diagonal: Balance & Swat the Flea
B2 Right Hand on Right Diagonal: Balance & Swing

Any suitable 32-bar jig. I use Vertical Expression's Calliope House & Cowboy Jig.

I love Inga Morton's Disturbed by Insects, but beginners often get disorientated by the four Box the Gnats and Swat the Fleas in quick succession, without Balances. I wrote this one with a different A2 and half the number of changes in B1, with Balances to give them more thinking time.

Some of my dancers aren't too keen on Slipping; so I let them choose between that and this alternative start to A2:
Grapevine away from your Partner: Men: left to the side, right behind, left to the side, tap right WHILE Ladies: right to the side, left behind, right to the side, tap left

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