Irish New Year

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Start with the Men facing out to make two Tidal Waves
Balance the Wave (F/B); Box Circulate (all CW)
Balance the Wave (F/B); Box Circulate
A2 Balance the Wave (F/B); Box Circulate
Partner Swing
B1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back
Ladies' Chain
B2 Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross Over
Balance the Ring; Men Pass Through - keep Facing Out to make Tidal Waves

32 bars.

I like Chris Page's Chinese New Year, but I work with a lot of permanent beginners who always go the wrong way on a Square Through, and aren't bothered about having multiple swings. So I kept the first half of the dance, and added a simpler second half, with an easier progression. If the men just walk straight past each other they can slot straight into the new wave. Why Irish? Because I'm Irish!

Box Circulates work much better with Balances that go Forward & Back; the motion provides momentum for those crossing the set. You have plenty of time, so spinning as you cross is fun.

I tell the dancers that when they are out at the end they should cross over and then the men should face out, ready for the next Tidal Wave.

In B2 the ladies pass each by the right shoulder, turning right to finish in each other's places, facing each other. The men also pass each other by the right shoulder to take each other's place. But they do not turn.

(Updated to switch the order of the moves in B1. This makes the entry into the Balance the Ring much more satisfactory.)

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