Loop the Loop

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Proper

A1 Up a Double & Back
#1s Cast Down and Lead Up to Place - #2s follow them - finish facing up
A2 Partner Balance Together & Away; California Twirl
Down a Double & Back
B1 #2s Cast Up and Lead Down to Place - #1s follow them
Partner Two-Hand Turn - open into a Circle of Four
B2 Balance the Ring; Circle Half Way
Partner Swing - finish Facing Up

Any 32 bar tune. I use "Saint Catherine's" from "A Neal Ball" by The Assembly Players (110bpm).

I wanted a dance for teaching Casts, so made it easier by having them facing the right way each time. I call the move where one couple casts and leads while the other couple follows "Loop the Loop" so I can just call, "Ones, lead Loop the Loop" or, indeed, "Zoom, Zoom". (Zoom is the Modern Western Square Dance term for the move.)

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