Lover's Waltz

Source: Composed by John & Karen Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples in a Circle; Waltz

A1 Chevrons: [Balance the Ring, moving one place to the Left (2)] x2
Lasso the Lady (2); Corner Gypsy (2)
A2 Allemande Orbits: Partner Allemande Left 1/2 (2)
Men Star Right WHILE Ladies Orbit AC (2)
Partner Allemande Left 1/2 (2)
Ladies Star Right WHILE Men Orbit AC (2)
B1 Partner Left Hand: Balance (F/B) & Swat the Flea (4) - keep hold and the Man keeps turning to his Left to take Promenade Hold with his Partner
Promenade (4) - open into a Circle
B2 [Ladies Roll Away CW without hands (2); Men Roll Away AC without hands (2)] x2 - remember your new Partner

Own tune, but any 32 bar waltz will work

Lasso the Lady: The man stands still and raises his right hand and the lady walks forwards all the way around him. (This is known as a (Mountain) Dosido.) It helps in this dance if the man starts the move as a Gate, wheeling around backwards slightly to face his Corner's position as he raises his hand, so that he is ready for the next move.

From the Lasso to the end of A2 is quite busy, so it is recommended that a Forearm Hold is used for the Allemandes, with your fingertips hooked just above your partner's elbow, in order to give good connection and make the turns quick and smooth. You then need to slow down at the end of A2 so that you can do the left hand balance on time.

There is no particular positioning around the circle, just do the moves wherever the dance takes you to.

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