Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Up a Double & Back x2
A2 #1s Cast to the Bottom WHILE #2s & #3s Mirror Set & Turn Single Up (OR Lead Up)
Long Lines Go Forward & Back
B1 Full Hey on the Ends - Middles go Right
B2 Full Hey on the Ends - Middles go Left
Second Time A1 is Siding (R/L)
Third Time A1 is Arming (R/L)

32 bars. I use Saint Martins at 113bpm.

I wanted a simple dance for the dancers to practise doing Heys across the ends of the set.

As written above it is a Playford-style dance. But if you change the A1s to Foot Up Twice, Half Gyp, Hands Around you have the same dance as a Morris Dance!

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