Not So Solitary

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Nine dancers in a 3 x 3 grid - Kingpin is in the middle

A1 Middle Row Face Up, with Top Row: Set R/L; Allemande Right
Middles Row Face Down, with Bottom Row: Set R/L; Allemande Right
A2 All: Full Hey Up & Down - Middles start Left Shoulders with Tops
B1 Middle Column Face Left, with Left Column: Set R/L; Allemande Right
Middle Column Face Right, with Right Column: Set R/L; Allemande Right
B2 All: Full Hey Across - Middles start Left Shoulder with Lefties
C1 All except Kingpin, who faces up:
Join Hands in a Circle: Balance the Ring; Petronella Spin one place to the Right
Kingpin with Top Centre: Two Hand Turn (1 &) 1/2 to put a new Kingpin in the Middle

40 bars of your favourite tunes.

Inspired by Fiona Rigg's Solitaire, with a touch of The Dashing White Sergeant and a modicum of Chris Turner's Westward Ho!

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