Pa’ Bailar III

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Circle Mixer

Start in Wide Hold: face to face, both arms stretched out horizontally, like a two hand turn, but with the hands wider apart. Men on the inside, ladies on the outside. Start man's left foot, lady's right foot
A1 Grapevine: Side, Behind, Side, Through, Side, Behind, Side, Tap
repeat in the other direction to return
A2 Partner Two-Hand Turn
Partner Dosido
B1 Partner Allemande Right 1 & 1/4 to an Alamo (circular) Wave - Men facing out, Ladies facing in
Balance the Wave L/R/L/R (Left is your New Partner)
B2 New Partner: Slide Left past into a Gypsy
Meltdown into a Swing - finish in the circle, men on the inside in Wide Hold

32 bars - something Latin and funky,

Pa' Bailar means "to dance". I wanted something to go with a Latin sounding track. Encourage the dancers to ham it up with Latin styling: go cheek to cheek in the Grapevine, replace the Swing with a Shimmy Down, etc.

The Grapevine is best done in a straight line, at a tangent to the circle. This prevents crashing and looks great as the dancers spiral out and in.

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