Plain Hamburger

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper

A #1s Lead to #2 Man, who Falls Back (4) - #1 Man steals Lady #2
Line of Three Fall Back, #2 Man coming Forward (4)
There is now a Diagonal Line of Three facing #2 Man
Make Two Arches: Men Dosido (Ladies moving with #1 Man)
B All Four: Balance the Ring; #2s Arch, #1s Dive through, #2s Move Up to Progress
Partner Two Hand Turn/Swing - open to face New Neighbours

Any suitable 16 bar tune.

I liked the idea of the Double-Arched Dosido in Pat Shaw's Hamburger Special, but my dancers found it a little rushed, so I wrote this simpler version with the same move. The name comes, of course, from the company that uses a large yellow double arch as its logo.

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