Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Five in a Line

A1 All face #1 who would be on the left if you were facing down:
#1: Arm Right 1 & 1/2 with #2; Arm Left 1 & 1/2 with #3
at the end of the move, let go: #1 faces #4; #3 keeps turning to face #1's back
A2 Double Dolphin Hey: #2 & #3 together, #4 & #5 together, #1 alone - start #1 & #4 Right Shoulder - Dolphins stay in close pairs
B1 #1: Arm Right 1 & 1/2 with #4; Arm Left 1 & 1/2 with #5 - Now 2, 3, 4, 5, 1
B2 Check your New Home; Hold Hands in a Line, facing Down, #2 & #3 make an Arch:
Double Travelling Thread the Needle:
#2 Leads the Arch CW once & back to Home
#1 Leads the Line through the Arch twice then back to Home - #2 and #1 pull the line straight

32 bar reels at about 110 bpm - I use Stone's Rag.

For 1 & 1/2 turns I like to use a Forearm Hold, with your hand cupped around your partner's upper arm, just above the elbow (your thumb with your fingers so that you can't grip!).

The Dolphin Hey is a Hey for three, with the pairs each acting as a single unit. At the end of the line the leader goes wide so that the follower can take the lead - that happens twice, so everyone should finish where they started.

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