Rogue's March

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 #1s Face Down in the Middle; #2s Face Up on the Outside:
Dance Forwards, Turn Alone, Dance Back, Neighbour Handy Hand Allemande 1/2 - #2s now in the Middle
A2 Dance Forwards, Turn Alone, Dance Back, Neighbour Handy Hand Allemande 1/4
Let go - this leaves the #2s facing out, they turn to face in, and the #1s facing each other:
B1 #1s start a Gypsy with each other, but go wide and separate into: Neighbour Gypsy Meltdown (Gypsy & Swing)
B2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back - Men Rolling the Ladies from Right to Left
Balance the Ring; #2s Arch (briefly): Pass Through - #1s Down the Middle - check out your New Neighbours

It has been danced to Rogue's March and I'll Go and Enlist, but any 32 reels or jigs will do.

I love the first half of Devil's Dream, but I don't like the switch to the left hand on the second time back, or the rush at the end of the Right & Left Through to get ready for the next time through. So I used the first half of the dance, but kept to a Handy Hand each time, and changed the second half to give a much smoother progression.

The words of the song "The Rogue's March" include the line "If ever I list for a soldier again the devil shall be me sergeant". So marching up and down the hall with a demonic theme made me think of the song. Hence the name.

It is worth warning the ladies that when they leave the Gypsy with their partner to flow into a Gypsy with their neighbour, that they are both right shoulder Gypsies and that they shouldn't try to weave into the one with their neighbour by the left shoulder. Don't back up too much when you Roll the ladies as you want to be close for the Balance the Ring. As you finish the Balance #2s push away to get to the outside ready for the next time through.

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