Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket

A1 Yearn on Left Diagonal to a New Couple - high-five with spare hand
Ladies’ Chain
A2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back - Men Roll the Ladies from Right to Left
Long Lines Go Forward & Back - Ladies Roll the Men from Right to Left
B1 Tapsalteerie Hey:
Ladies Half Hey, Men Ricochet
Ladies Ricochet, Men Half Hey
(Start the Heys by passing Right Shoulder)
B2 Flutterwheel
Men Dosido

Any 32-bar tune; I use reels.

It is important to emphasise to the dancers that throughout B1 the ones at the back must keep moving to the right, starting with the men at the beginning of the figure and ending with the ladies as they move right and come back in for the flutterwheel.

The ending flows well if the ladies help the men into the dosido (whip them in!).

Yearn: Take your partner's nearest hand, go forward diagonally to meet a new couple; turn so that you are facing them; back away to finish facing them as your new neighbours.

Flutterwheel: Ladies: take right forearms (fingers around the other lady's elbow) and do a full right-hand turn until you are back in place; half-way around pick up the opposite men (who should be moving forward to make it easier) - man's right-hand to lady's left hand - and take him home with you.

I understand that "tapsalteerie" is a Scottish term for "topsy-turvy".

I have called this at lots of places in England and no-one has ever commented on the fact that there is no swing. Hopefully there is enough going on that they are enjoying it anyway!

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