Serene Seven

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Seven Couples in a "Square": 1 couple at each Head; 2 on each side; 1 in the middle

A1 The Middles stand back to back - Man Facing Up, Lady Facing Down; hold hands in circles of seven
Circle Left; Circle Right
A2 The Men at the Top and the Ladies at the Bottom keep moving into: (the others drop out at Home)
Star Left; Star Right - until you can see your Partner
B1 Partner Gypsy Meltdown (Gypsy & Swing): finish Facing Around the Set AC - Middles Face Up
B2 All except the Middles: Promenade one place around the Set (4)
Middles with New Tops: Half Promenade (4)
Into the Middle & Back WHILE Middles stand back to back ready for...

Any suitable 32-bar tune. I use The Committee Band's Half Hannekin & The Pantheon Cotillon at about 111 bpm.

It is important to emphasise the shape of the set and imagine a line drawn betwen the Middles to divide the set into two halves. There should be four dancers in each star!

I use The Magnificent Seven with the more experienced dancers, but I wanted an easier seven-couple dance.

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