Six Jerseys Reel

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 #1s take Right Hands: Balance Forward & Back; Tie Bootlaces to the Bottom: Cross Over, Cast Down One Place, Cross Over again, Cast Down One Place to the Bottom
A2 Repeat to get back to the Top
B1 Three Men Circle Left Twice WHILE #1 Lady leads the Ladies AC around the Men - reform the set
B2 #1s Face Up and make a Single-Handed Arch; Everyone else Double Cast through the Arch - #1s join in at the back
Now 2, 3, 1
Second Time Through #1 Lady leads a Circle RIGHT twice for the Ladies WHILE #1 Man leads the Men CW around the Ladies
Alternate the roles each time through the dance
Alternate B2 #1s Weave to the Bottom - start down the middle in Grimstock Hey style
Long Lines go Forward & Back (or Partner Swing)
Now 2, 3, 1

Any suitable 32-bar tune. I use Bonny Breastknot & Double Lead Through at about 106bpm and encourage the dancers to dance the figures.

The #1 leading the circle always starts by heading down the set; their direction of movement determines whether the circle goes left or right.

I was looking at some American colonial dances and finding them very repetitive, but with the occasional interesting idea. I took the good ideas from multiple dances and put them together to make some new dances. This is one of those.

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