Sun Skip

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples in a Circle

A1 Petronella x2
A2 Partner Allemande Left 1/2
Men Star Right WHILE Ladies Orbit AC
Pass Partner - next time: Partner Allemande Left 1/2
B1 Ladies Star Right WHILE Men Orbit AC
Pass Partner - next time: Partner Gypsy Left Shoulder (wide)
B2 Corner Gypsy Meltdown

Originally composed to be danced to Lindsey Stirling's Sun Skip, but any suitable 32-bar tune will work.

Petronella: All six "Balance the Ring" and spin one place to the right.

For the Stars, Wrist Locks or Beer Can Holds are recommended so that they are comfortable for everyone and it is not just a bunch of hands squeezing each other.

At the beginning of A2 I remind the dancers to remember who this current partner is, as they have to recognise them twice during the Stars/Orbits.

Timing: The ladies' hands should meet for their Star at the beginning of B1. Go wide on the Partner Gypsy so that you start the Corner Gypsy at the start of B2.

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