The Dolphin's F8 (Fate)

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 #1s Lead Down One Place, Separate, Cast Back (i.e. Dance Around your Neighbour) - finish in Line of Four Facing Down with #1s in the middle
(#2s can join in, turning the move into Mirror Gypsies)
Down a Double & Back - All finish facing #2 Lady
A2 Dolphin Hey, #1 Man & #2 Lady start Right Shoulder - Finishing Facing Up
B1 Set Forward R/L x2
#2s Gate the #1s into Progressed Places
B2 #1s Full (Double) Figure Eight Up - flow into…

32 bars of smooth reels at around 114 bpm, e.g. Wallace's Cross and Ring of Kohala OR 32-bar waltz such as Susi's Waltz.

I wanted an easy dance to introduce dancers to the Dolphin Hey. The bracketed instructions are for if you want a more complex version.

The Dolphin Hey is a three-person Hey, with #1s acting as a single unit, but changing the leader at each end of the line. #1 Man (with #1 Lady following) passes #2 Lady by the right shoulder, but goes wide so that #1 Lady can take the lead; at the other end of the line she goes wide so he can retake the lead. #2 Man needs to quickly flip onto the end of the line at the end of the Hey.

Although this was originally written as a contra dance to reels, I have found that it works even better as a waltz-time dance.

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