The Honking Swan King

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Men Gypsy, flowing into Neighbour Gypsy 3/4 finishing in a Line of Four, Facing Down the Hall - Men in the Middle
A2 Down the Hall in Lines of Four, Turn Alone
Up the Hall in Lines of Four - stay in line: Face Neighbour
B1 Swing Through: Allemande Right Half, Ladies Allemande Left Half
Partner Swing
B2 Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross Over
Long Lines Go Forward & Back

I wrote the dance to go with Giant Robot Dance's Swan Lake Theme & In the Hall of the Mountain King but any suitable 32-bar tune will do.

In A1 #1 Man has to keep turning to his right at the end of the Gypsies to finish facing down.

When teaching the dance, I usually start with: "Gypsy your Neighbour; tell them you'll see them in a minute. Now it actually starts with the two men Gyspy until you can see your neighbour then flow into that Neighbour Gypsy." There is plenty of time to do nice wide Gypsies.

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