The Knightrider Waltz

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Becket in Waltz Time

A1 Chevron (Balance the Ring, moving in and out diagonally to end one place to your Left) x4
A2 Open Ladies' Chain x2
B1 Full Hey with hands - Ladies start with Right Hand
B2 Ladies Gypsy Wide and Fall Back beside Partner (4)
Wheel Around moving Left to Face New Neighbours (4)

32 bar waltz. I use Vertical Expression's Midnight On The Water.

I generally don't call A2 an Open Ladies' Chain as that confuses some of the men, who keep trying to turn it into a Courtesy Turn. I say, "Ladies pull by right and Allemande Left the man you meet".

At the end of the Hey the men should pull the ladies in by the left hand into their Gypsy.

The first version of the dance had a Yearn as the second part of B2, but that leaves you too far away to hold hands in a circle for the next A1. I added a Step and Honour instead of backing out of the Yearn, but that wasn't satisfactory either. This version works much better; as you do the Wheel Around you can adjust your destination so that you end up holding hands in a circle with your new neighbours just in time to Balance the Ring.

Since July 2021 our Tuesday afternoon dance has been at a venue on Knightrider Street, hence the name.

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