The Mad Gypsy or Circulatory Insanity

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Becket (CW)

A1 Ladies’ Chain
Mad Robin - AC - Ladies through the Middle
A2 Full Hey - Ladies start Right Shoulder
Ladies keep moving as though you are starting a second hey into...
B1 Ladies Gypsy
Neighbour Two-Hand Turn (or Swing)
B2 Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross by the Right Shoulder
Yearn on the Left Diagonal

32 bars.

Yearn: Take your partner's nearest hand, go forward diagonally to meet a new couple; turn so that you are facing them; back away to finish facing them as your new neighbours.

Mad Robin: follow the path of a left-shoulder Dosido with your neighbour, but keep looking at your partner.

There is plenty of time in B1. Either make the two moves wide and graceful, or skip the Two-Hand Turn around twice, or have a swing instead.

The dance is designed to flow; try to keep moving smoothly throughout.

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