The Winsome Waltz

Source: Composed by John & Karen Sweeney
Formation: Circle Mixer in Waltz time - Start as Couples in a Circle, facing AC

A1 Waltz Forwards (2); Wheel Around Half Way (2)
A2 Sway Forwards & Back (2); Mirror Turn Single Half (turning away from each other) to Face Back - take other hand (2)
Repeat, turning 3/4 to Face and take Right Hands
B1 Balance Forwards & Back; Box the Gnat (4) On Left Diagonal with Neighbour #1: take Left Hands: Balance Forwards & Back; Swat the Flea (4)
B2 With Next Dancer, Neighbour #2 (your New Partner): Gypsy Hey:
Gypsy Right Shoulder with N2; Gypsy Left Shoulder with N1
New Partner (N2): Two-Hand Turn OR Waltz - finish facing AC holding nearest hand

32-bar waltz. I use Star of David from Dances from the Greenery

For the Sways in A2, the inside hands swing forwards and back, then swing forwards again and let go to start the Turn Single.

It is easy for beginners to get disorientated at the beginning of B2; I tell them to look to the right and catch their new partner's eyes as they start the Gypsy with them, and remember to finish the Hey with that person for the Two-Hand Turn.

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