Training Wheels

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back
#2s Gate the #1s 1 & 1/4 to a Line of Four, Facing Down
A2 Down the Hall in Lines of Four, Turn Alone
Up the Hall in Lines of Four - stay in those lines and face your Neighbour
B1 Neighbour Balance (Step/Kick x2) & Swing
B2 Men Dosido; Ladies Dosido

32 reels or marches.

The #2s don't always Gate the #1s very well, so I emphasise to the #1s that they start down the middle and walk around their #2s during the Gate. Other options for B2 include Right & Left Through x 2 or Ladies' Chain x2. I pick a lively tune and use the dance to train the dancers to do Wheel Arounds (Gates) and whatever move I use in B2. Hence the name.

For those who don't want a long swing then they can choose to Set or Balance twice any way that they wish.

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