Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Dancers in a Circle - Choose Numbers

A1 Balance the Ring; #1 Dive Through, turn under raised hands to make a Lock:
Inside Basket
A2 Open to a Line, #1 in the Middle:
Travelling Right-Hand High, Left-Hand Low (x2)
B1 Balance the Ring; Petronella (Spin to the Right)
Swirly Siding for Three
Turn Single Left

"Song And Dance" by "Blackmore's Night", on their "Autumn Sky" CD. This is 26 bars and I wanted to dance to it. If you don't have that tune you should be able to make it work with any tune where the B music ends in four strong beats; play AAB and repeat the last two bars of the B music.

For the Dive Through in A1, raise one of your arms and turn, backing under your arm and the other two dancers' arms. You should end in a circle with everyone's hands crossed. Put your right foot in and spin the top.

In the Right-Hand High, Left-Hand Low, #1 raises their right arm to make an arch, and brings both hands forwards so that the left-hand dancers goes through the arch with #1 following, and the right hand dancer dances round the outside. Lower the right and raise the left, repeat. If you practice, and all the dancers move forward smoothly all the time, then you can quite easily do it twice. But once or one and a half is fine too.

The Siding is Swirly/Banana Siding by the left shoulder and flows into the Turn Single.

Numbering is random. During the Balance the Ring we usually decide who is going to dive.

(Re old version: I changed the Gypsy to a Balance/Petronella and moved it ahead of the Siding to give more recovery time after the previous move and because the second half of the Siding and the Gypsy were too similar.)

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