Trip to Willesborough

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Contra; Improper

A1 Ladies walk forward to form a Ladies' Tidal Wave (4)
Balance the Wave (R/L) (4)
Ladies back out as Men walk in to form a Men's Tidal Wave (4)
Balance the Wave (L/R) (4)
A2 Men Allemande Left 3/4, hold on, give R to Neighbour to form an Ocean Wave (4); Balance the Wave (R/L) (4); Swing Neighbour
B1 Half Promenade; Ladies' Chain
B2 Half Promenade; Ladies' Chain

32 bars of jigs or reels.

I like Steve Zakon-Anderson's Trip to Lambertville, but wanted an easier second half for my permanent beginners.

The Men's Allemande works much better if they Balance Left/Right in their Tidal Wave. I usually warn the ladies to face CW and get their right hand ready for the Ocean Wave.

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