Two Doors Down

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 #2 Man starts Facing Out
#2s Little Back Door around #3s - Man leading
#2s Little Back Door around #1s - Lady Leading
A2 Bottom Four: Star Left
Circle Left
B1 Partner Two-Hand Turn
Bottom Four make one-handed Arches on the side:
#1s Lead Down the Middle, Separate, go through the Arches and meet at the bottom as those arching move up
B2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back
Top Four: Star Right and flow into...

Any suitable 32-bar tune. I use Big Bandemonium's Flying Tent.

The Little Back Door (AKA Back Door Key and various other names) is an Appalchian Big Set/Kentucky Running Set figure. The leader dances around two people, while the follower slips through the middle, only going around one person, and takes the lead.

The last B2 is best as:

B2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back
Partner Swing

I liked Bill Baritompa's Cut to the Chase but it confused some people so I tried to make some of the transitions a little easier.

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