Wake Up

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couple; Longways; Proper

A1 Partner Dosido
Long Lines Go Forward & Back
A2 Middles Go Right individually: Man Down, Lady Up, in Threes: Star Right
Middles switch ends passing by Left Shoulders, in Threes: Star Left
B1 #1s Cross Over, Cast Down one place
#1s Cross Over, Cast Down one place to the Bottom
B2 #1s Lead to the Top and Cast to the Bottom
Everyone Move Up and Partner Swing

Any suitable 32-bar tune at around 114 bpm.

This is based on Hilda Evans' Wits Awake. It has a different beginning and ending, but the same A2/B1. Since the main action switches from the #2s to the #1s they need to be awake and ready to do their bit.

For three-person Stars, Wrist-Lock Stars work well, or shape your hand as though you are holding a beer (or wine!) can, tilt it slightly (moving the thumb downwards) and you can get a very nice three-person connection.

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