Waltz Country Dance

Source: Adapted by John Sweeney
Formation: Sicilian Circle

A1/A2 (Neighbour Balance & Box the Gnat; Partner Balance & Box the Gnat) x 2
B1/B2 (Balance the Ring, Men Roll the Lady from their Left to their Right) x 4 (optional: Turn the Lady CW under your arm)
C1 Circle Left; Star Left - ooze into Promenade Hold in a Line of Four - Men's Left Shoulders nearly touching
C2 Turn the Line all the way around then waltz (in Promenade Hold) on to the next couple
Butterfly Whirl if you get there early

48 bar waltzes.

In the C music of the traditional dance the couples normally waltz 1 & 1/2 times around each other. I have found challenges with this when calling for inexperienced dancers who can't waltz, Also some men slide into the lady's place as they roll her across; some don't. So minor sets may end up in different orientations. This version is forgiving; the orientation of the dancers doesn't matter as long as they remember which way they need to progress; they just turn the line as far as necessary. Those who can waltz can, of course, waltz around as the other couple promenades around.

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