Wee Willie II

Source: Adapted by John Sweeney
Formation: Four Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Start holding two hands with partner
With the foot nearest to the music: Heel & Toe x2 (4); Gallop Up (4)
With the foot furthest from the music:Heel & Toe x2 (4); Gallop Down (4)
A2 Top Couple Zig-Zag Poussette to the Bottom (Start AC)
B1 All Eight: Slip Circle Left
All Eight: Slip Circle Right
B2 Partner Dosido
Partner Two Hand Turn - keep hold ready for...

32 bars. Bouncy music to make the Heel & Toes and Gallops work well.

Make sure the sets start well away from the stage so that they can gallop up.

Heel & Toe: hop on the other foot while doing the Heel & Toe.

Zig-Zag Poussette: Half an AC Poussette with #2s; Half a CW Poussette with #3s; Half an AC Poussette with #4s, only five or so steps for each Half Poussette. #2s, #3s and #4s should move all the time, staying level with each other.

I learnt Wee Willie at a barn dance, but it didn't seem to flow very well when I tried it at my dances, so I changed the order of the moves and changed the arming into slip circles. I think this has a much better flow.

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