Whole Hannikin

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Longways; Proper or any gender

A1 Up a Double & Back x 2
A2 Partner Siding Right/Left - clap on beat 4
B1 Partner Arming Right/Left - double clap on beat 8
B2 Partner Set & Turn Single
On the Left Diagonal: Two Hand Turn and open to Face Up
This leaves one person out at the top and the bottom; switch sides and wait. If you start Proper then eventually you will have all the men dancing with men, and all the ladies dancing with ladies.

Any 32-bar tune with a tempo and style to match what you want to achieve with the dance.

I never feel satisfied after only Halfe a Hannikin, so I wrote this 32 bar version. Anyone know what a Hannikin is? Don Veino tells me that it is another name for a clown or fool. Any other information gratefully accepted!

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