Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Five Dancers in a Quincunx: Four in a Square (The Corners), one (The Wisp) in the middle

A1 Corners Face Up & Down: Four Changes (4 x 4) - start Right WHILE
Wisp goes through the gaps: Up, Turn Right, Round One into the Middle, Turn Left, Down, Round One into the Middle
A2 Corners: Hold Hands in a Circle and make Wide Arches, with a slow Chassee Step: Circle Left (8), Right (8) WHILE
Wisp Dives In and Out: Dive Out, Turn Left, Dive In, Turn, Dive Out, Turn Right, Dive In - finish in the Middle facing Up
Corners Fall Back to the Top and Bottom and get ready for the Hey
B1 Tops pair up & Bottoms pair up in Promenade Hold: Hey Up & Down for Three (16) - the Wisp starts Right Shoulder with the Top Pair
Corners Fall Back into the Corners
B2 Cloverleaf: Wisp Change by the Right Shoulder with Top Right who Changes by the Right Shoulder with Top Left, etc. (4 x 4)

Any 32 bar reels or jigs.

This is a silly dance and when you are the Wisp you need to have fun! You can turn either way when you leave the circle in A1, but when you get to the middle again make a quarter turn or you will crash with the other dancers' arms. When you dive out of the arches you need to turn left when they are circling left and right when they are circling right or you won't be able to catch up with them to get back into the middle; which arch you go through is irrelevant, but try to be ready for the Hey!

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