Hillside Reel

Source: Devised at a week-end of dancing at Hillside Guest House; submitted by Dulcie King; published in English Dance & Song, June 1959, Vol. XXIII, No. 3
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; Proper

A1/A2 Star Right (Hands Across) - 2nd Corners Drop Out
1st Corners Allemande Right
#1s Allemande Left
Hey for Three on the Ladies' Side - #1 Man starts Right Shoulder with #2 Lady
B1 All Lead Down, Turn Alone; Lead Back, #1s Cast into 2nd Place
A3/A4 Repeat A1/A2 with new 1st Corners/Top Couple leading
B2 Partner Swing - finish Proper, facing New Neighbours

48 bar reels (AABAAB).

The leading man should make the whole of the A part of the dance flow, moving continuously through the moves.

Ballroom Hold Swings are not conducive to finishing Proper facing down; I would recommend a symmetrical swing like a right forearm hold, with left hands joined underneath.

This dance appeared under the heading "Three Dances - Two New and One Old" together with Margaret's Waltz and The Hair's Maggot.

Original page from English Dance & Song, June 1959

Hillside Reel

Further information from English Dance & Song, September 1959

Hillside Reel

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