A Golden Day

Source: Dorothy Bradbury; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1982. Volume 44 Number 1
Formation: Longways; Four Facing Four; Waltz Time

A1 Hold Hands in Lines of Four: Chassée: Right, Right, Left, Left (4)
Waltz Forwards (2); Waltz Backwards, Turning Alone (2)
A2 Repeat
B1 On the Right Diagonal: Allemande Right - Neutrals Turn Single Right (4)
On the Left Diagonal: Allemande Left - Neutrals Turn Single Left (4)
B2 Left-Hand Couples Make Arches: Everyone Waltz Forwards and turn to face the other couple in your line
The others make Arches - continue to Dip 'n' Dive for Five Changes to face New Neighbours

Any 32 bar waltz.

The formation is two Longways sets, with First Couples Improper. The sets are aligned so that the dancers, facing up and down the hall, can join hands in lines of four.

You have eight waltz steps to make five changes during the Dip 'n' Dive, so you need to keep moving and not try to fit each change to the music exactly.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1982

A Golden Day

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