Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Five in a Circle (Five Assorted Dancers)

The progression is broken - give everyone a starting number - remember your starting number and lead the dance when it is your turn!

A1 Circle Left - choose a new leader
#1 go out to the two dancers on the right, Circle Up Three; Shoot the Owl
A2 #1 go across to the others two dancers, Circle Up Three; Shoot the Owl then #1 backs into their original slot in the circle
All Five: Star Left (Wrist-Lock Star)
B1 #1 Lead a Devilís Elbow into a Circle Left
#1 lets go their left hand - everyone else keeps hold in the circle - the two people on #1's left make an arch AND STAND STILL; #1 ducks under the arch, drawing ONE person only after them through the arch; #1s passes ONE person (one of the archers) and takes their right hand over that person's head; #1 reconnects to the only spare hand available (the one they let go at the beginning of the move) - you should now have an Inside Basket - a perfect Lock with the hands - looking like the Lock that Sword-Dancers make - put your right foot in the middle:
B2 Spin the Basket - open into a Circle

I use Elixir's "The Adirondack" - Reels at around 114bpm.

There used to be a Balance the Ring, Petronella as the second part of A2, but the dance seemed too rushed. Still experimenting with this version...

Shoot the Owl: Circle Left Halfway, make an arch and shoot #1 back into the middle; California Twirl

Devilís Elbow: #1 turns right to leave the star - everyone follows in single file, #1 keeps turning right and starts a single file promenade clockwise, which turns into a Circle Left.

The timing in B1 is (still experimenting, but try this):
#1 turns right and promenades in single file in a big arc, with everyone following, slowly turning to the right and offering hands to make a circle (8)
Circle Left (2)
The circle stops moving and #1 dives through the arch (2)
#1 pass behind one person drawing another through the arch (2)
#1 raises their hand over the head of the person on their right and retakes hands at waist level (2)

The timing is fluid, experiment and see how many steps you need in the Circle Left before you dive.

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